2015, May

France! Magic France! Provence and Nice, Chagall, Cézanne, Grace, ripening fields of lavender, kovatyurazh, Paris, Paris, Paris. Melun, Sonia, promenades, paintings, Grenoble, poppies in the Alps, the pinnacle. Olga and Vladimir, a house with lawn, delicious cheese, red wine. Pusha-alpine girlfriend, Aniko - eternal jazz, singing bowls, hats from the Seine, the Orangerie. Versailles in the rain, the wind on the Grand Canal, tired legs, Pont Neuf. Herve, gallery, vernissage, African bracelets, Notre Dame, Marais, an Indian restaurant, Bon Matin, merci, trebyan. Trains, Pierrefonds, Zoya, the old pond, bells, castles, Chantilly, Raphael, Queen's Selfie, coat, Hang on the street, souvenirs, maps, airport.
Rainbow in the day of departure.
Moments pulsate, flash, bang and with each stroke are added together. And, mosaic like icing hardens in new patterns.


2015, May

France, Grenoble: exhibition «Horizons», new horizons, new distance. And the picture « Jelsomina’s Letter» stayed in France. The joy of yet another step of the paint.


2015, February

From winter cold I fled to the island. Thailand so warm, sweet smell of papaya and pineapple, trembling turquoise waves, leaning palm tree, whispering sand in sandals: Stay with me...

© Anna Tarasenko