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2014, October

There was a big solo exhibition «The Walk», which met several years from many travel experiences, memories.
Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, fields, meadows, and other shore - a thousand walks - one exhibition.
Gallery «Exposition», Rostov-on-Don, Tekucheva 139.
Video about the exhibition


2014, September

It happened one of the most incredible journey of my life - to Tibet.
We visited Buddhist monasteries and caves, bathed in the sacred lakes, saw Guge Kingdom with unique paintings palace walls, saw the sunrise on the lake water of life - Manasarovar, and, of course, they made a ritual Cora (bypass) around the mystical Mount Kailash.
Kailash - Mount wish-fulfilling.
I also received initiation into the practice of Tibetan singing bowls.


2014, August

In the penultimate day of summer in the cafe «Mango» bloomed baobabs, rustled in the wind green leaves of linden, oak puckered, magic forest exciting new territory, spreading magic everywhere. The exhibition "Grow!" - My call to hear the nature inside to hear the nature outside.
Rostov-on-Don, Serafimovicha, 49.


2014, August

Exhibition of Indian pictures in Indian veg cafe «Pondicherry», Rostov-on-Don.


2014, June

The concert-event in summer bright day and the picture «Arambolla», written during the band «Arambolla» - Davide Swarup, Roy Smila, Ofir J. Rock. It was a stream, it flowed to the sounds of Hang, kamancha and guitar under the trance dance Tamara Ryazantseva, it was painting in movement and music.
After - the picture was used for the design of the album «Arambolla».


2014, May

Travel to Copenhagen hosted. Great trip.
And Copenhagen is beautiful. He - the elder brother of Amsterdam, only at home – wider, lights – are green, boats everywhere, the wind is strong, gulls, all on bikes, all in striped vests. Paradise.


2014, April

Travel to Amsterdam! City-inspired, Amsterdam - vibrates mosses along the cobbled streets, narrow facades piled-mods, swinging silent boats under bridges, arches, overtaking a bicycle, smiling streets, shining red lights, smoke enveloped you and loads with presents pieces of fairy tales from which you can make a blanket and warm then, remembering.
Amsterdam, I love you.


2014, March

The exhibition sweetheart Modigliani in Rome!


2013, November

The exhibition in the exhibition! «The Sea Inside» in the art event "«Dreams Come True» with Genia and Alex Bora, Denis Bogorad, Galya Chikova and other art-personages of Rostov-on-Don.
And we were playing music!


2013, September

Unexpectedly for itself I was in Kenya.

Seen conservation area - Masai Mara giraffe and zebras to the horizon, Lake Nakuru with delicate pink flamingos at sunset, and, of course, themselves the Maasai - hipsters in plaid stole and bead necklaces - I blew up with new colors!


2013, April

I made a pilgrimage to the source of the sacred river Ganges in India, there are a bunch of painted figures. I saw Delhi, Haridwar Uttarkashi, Gangnani, Gangotri Tapovan. And then there was the Shiva-yajna and a meeting with Babaji Pilot Baba.

© Anna Tarasenko