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2012, November

Exhibition on Birthday!
Restaurant « Public», Rostov-on-Don, Gorkogo Street, 151.

2012, July

The exhibition the warm graphics Goa-Trip in a comfortable Rostov coffee shop CoffeeCult, where cook the most delicious coffee. The Indian experience at Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya, 74.

2012, June

Symposium of artists in Slovakia!
I was lucky enough to visit the fun activities - a symposium of artists. Painters came from different countries: Russia, Slovakia, Spain, France, Poland and even one photographer from Australia!
We have drawn on nature, lived in the castle, walked in fields of yellow sunflowers and white poppies, and then - there was Paris, the first time.

2012, May

There was a big solo exhibition «Red Shoes» at the Museum of Modern Art, Rostov-on-Don. For me, of course, the shoes were bright red, and after the exhibition the picture «Red Shoes» went to live in the United States.

2012, April

India. New journey, new drawings.

2011, September

Exhibition in Gallery «Exposition», Rostov-on-Don; Tekucheva, 139:
«Striped Vests, or bygone summer» - all stripes.

2011, February

I first went to India in Goa.

2010, November

24.11.2010. My first exhibition – on the birthday. Poems and saxophone.


Only painting.

2009, January

I wrote my first self-portrait in the style of Modigliani.
When moving portrait disappeared.

© Anna Tarasenko